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Conversion Analysis and Optimization

Converting Web site visitors into customers is the most important but often neglected aspect of Internet marketing. As we work on driving more visitors to your Web site thru our traffic generating services such as Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click campaign management, we don't stop there. We also go through the trouble of helping you convert those visitors into customers with our Conversion Analysis and Optimization services. By improving your Web site's conversion rate, you get more sales and more customers from your Web site traffic. By analyzing and understanding your customers' entire buying process, your own sales funnel, traffic channels, shopping cart usability, Web design, copy writing, site architecture, Web statistics and other factors directly contributing to your conversion success, we can significantly improve your conversion rate and turn more of your visitors into customers. Contact us.

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We don't just drive more visitors, we deliver more customers.

One overlooked aspect of Internet Marketing is traffic conversion. Many Internet marketers focus their attention on traffic generation activities such as Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click campaigns. These Internet marketers are operating under the notion that the more visitors they can drive to their Web site, the more customers they are going to have. Sadly, this is only partly true. Driving visitors to you Web site without doing anything to actively increase your chances of converting those visitors into customers is a terrible waste of your marketing budget. To maximize ROI on your marketing expenditure, you need to go all the way from driving visitors to your Web site to converting those visitors into customers. To do this, you need traffic conversion analysis and improvement services that only SEM Professionals can offer.

Traffic Analysis

Understand the source of your traffic. You need to know exactly where they are coming from, how they end up in your Web site and why they decided to visit your Web site in the first place. Knowing the source of your Web site visitors can provide you valuable information and help you understand and measure the quality of your existing traffic. Are they casual surfers just wandering the WWW and somehow ended up on your Web site? Did they arrive at your Web site by searching particular keywords in any of the major Search Engines? What keywords did they search for? Did they click on your Pay Per Click ad or your organic listing?

Web Site Analysis

Once visitors arrive at your Web site, you have to be able to know exactly what they are doing there as shown in your Web logs. You need to know what specific pages in your Web site they first land on, What pages they last view before exiting your Web site, what they are clicking on and other information that would give you a better understanding of how conversion takes place or fails to take place on your Web site. This information is critical to improving conversion.

Make Changes Based On Your Findings

Based on the findings you come up with by analyzing your Web logs and all page elements that your Web site visitors interact with and contribute to your conversion, you need to make the necessary changes. Conversion analysis is a process of continuous improvement and requires expertise.

Let SEM Professionals' SEM outsourcing services help you achieve the results you want. Contact us

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