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Google Web Analytics

Google Web Analytics - Geo Map Overlay shows you what part of the world your Web site visitors are located.

SEM Professionals offer Google Web analytics services. Gain important insight of your Web site's performance, your Web site visitors behavior as well as your traffic and conversion improvement inititatives. Track, measure, analyze and improve your marketing campaign's performance with our Google Web analytics services. Contact us.

Traffic Analysis

Google Web Analytics - Visits by Source

Graphically see your Web site's traffic. Gain a deep understanding of your traffic. Identify success and failure points in your traffic generation inititives to see what marketing campaigns work and what doesn't. See where your visitors are coming from, what Search Engines they are using and what keywords they are searching for. Understanding your existing traffic allows you to better plan your traffic generation and marketing activities. Know what to best spend your marketing resources on with our Web Analytics services.

Site and Page Analysis

Google Web Analytics - Visits and Pageviews

Google Web analytics allow you to see a clear picture of how your Web site's visitors are behaving as soon as they land on it. How much time they spend on your Web site, what pages they are viewing as well as their clickpaths can be clearly seen using Web analytics. Know what pages your visitors are landing on and what pages they are exiting from. You can better understand the interaction that takes place between your Web site and your Web site's visitors and improve your Web site's design to best compliment your traffic generation activities and improve your conversion rate.

Conversion Analysis

Google Web Analytics - Visits New and Returning

Analyze your sales funnel and identify failure points that contribute to a loss of conversion. With Google Web analytics, you can have a clear understanding of how your visitors progress throughout your sales funnel and where they leave if they did not reach the end of the sales funnel by converting. With Google Web Analytics and our Conversion optimization services, you can improve your conversion rates, get more sales and gain more customers.

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