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Pay Per Click Campaign Management

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An effective Pay Per Click campaign is an important part of any serious SEM campaign. While SEO can drive the traffic you want to your Web site without having to pay for each visitor it can take a while for results to show. Furthermore, a properly managed PPC campaign can have a positive impact on your bottomline overnight. Short-term Search Engine Marketing goals can be best achieved with a PPC campaign and help you establish online presence while you wait for all your Search Engine Optimization efforts to kick in, which could take from several months to over a year. Also, your PPC campaign offers a level of control over the entire user experience from writing the ad copy that visitors read and click to visit your Web site to the design of the landing page that the visitor would first see after clicking on your ad - it's something that is not available to you via your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Contact us.

Google AdWords

As Search Engine use is now only second to email as the most popular activity on the Internet, being visible to potential customers who are actively looking for the products and/or services that you sell can make your customer acquisition and sales go through the roof. It takes only a few minutes to set up an account on Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture). Your Pay Per Click ads would start appearing for your targeted keywords each time potential customers do their search almost immediately.

Having a well managed PPC campaign would perfectly complement your SEO campaign and round out your traffic generating initiatives. Keywords that cannot be targeted using your Search Engine Optimization campaign can be targeted with your Pay Per Click campaign and maximize your visibility on the Internet.

Drive Instant High-Quality, Targeted Traffic

Your Pay Per Click campaign can drive highly-qualified, targeted traffic to your Web site instantly but stopping there would mean disaster to your Search Engine Marketing campaign. Depending on the keywords that you would be targeting, running a PPC campaign can be very expensive, especially if the traffic that you are paying for is not converting into customers. SEM Professionals' Pay Per Click Management Services focuses on 2 things, High-quality, targeted traffic and conversion maximization. The objective of a good Pay Per Click campaign is to maximize visibility (Impressions) while spending the least amount of money (Cost Per Click) and achieving the highest Conversion Rate to maximize revenue.

Keyword Analysis and Selection


Keyword analysis and selection is the first step of a systematic Pay Per Click campaign management. Thru proper analysis of your business, industry, competitors and customers, SEM Professionals would recommend a list of keywords with maximum conversion potential to be targeted for your Pay Per Click campaign. Our approach to your PPC campaign ensures that you would get the biggest bang for your buck. Keyword relevancy, popularity and your overall business strategy are just some of the factors that come into play when choosing the keywords to be targeted for your Pay Per Click campaign.

PPC Landing Page Design, Analysis and Optimization

The biggest mistake in PPC advertising campaigns is using the home page as the landing page of their Pay Per Click ads. There is a big difference in the quality of visitors coming from your PPC ads compared to those who arrive at your Web site thru other channels. Driving your PPC traffic to your home page or any page that is not designed to optimize conversion is going to waste a lot of your Pay Per Click campaign's budget. Your PPC landing pages should be designed specifically for the keywords you are targeting to improve your chances of converting your visitors into customers.

PPC Ads Copywriting

Since your PPC ad is going to be the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, writing an effective copy for your ad is very important. It must be compelling enough for users to want to click on it. You have a very limited number of characters to work with so each character must help convince users to click.

Let SEM Professionals' SEM outsourcing services help you achieve the results you want. Contact us

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